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Working with Benevia

The Benevia Provider Network

We use a rigorous screening process in selecting providers to ensure that our clients receive high quality, senior-friendly service. Our program has achieved strong success and generated high levels of satisfaction among both our provider partners and clients.

Screening & Selection Process

  • Comprehensive Interview
  • Reference Checks (Consumer, Trade, Other)
  • Service Practice & Fee Review
  • Confirm Licensure, Certifications, Insurance, and Affiliations
  • Sign Service Standard Agreement & Contract

How the Program Works

After completing the screening and selection process, successful candidates are asked to sign a service provider agreement with Benevia.  Once your account set-up is completed, you will be eligible to receive highly qualified referrals directly from Benevia.

Network members may provide "advantages" to Benevia clients in the form of preferred rates, customized services, or other special offers.  Network members compensate Benevia for the opportunity to serve our valued clients.