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Why Join the Benevia Network?

A Growing Market

The fastest growing, most affluent and high service need market in the US today are those over 65 and their families. Based on our business model and fast growing network of referral sources, we have strong access to this demographic. We are experts at working with older adults and their families and can help partners enhance their presence in this growing market.

High Quality Referrals

Our highly personalized approach with clients and their families ensures that our referrals to members of the Benevia Provider Network are truly interested in using their services. As a result, the clients we refer are more likely to use the services we recommend and typically engage services in a shorter time frame than traditional referrals.

Continued Engagement & Support

Our business depends on successful outcomes for our clients. To that end, we stay involved in every step of the process, ensuring that clients and providers get the information and service they need and expect.

What Our Providers Are Saying

  • “Benevia has successfully expanded our customer base to include the aging population. These clients are a pleasure to serve and have plenty of work for us.” – Handyman Service
  • “Almost all of the referrals we receive from Benevia use our services unlike the referrals we get from other sources.” – In-Home Care Service
  • “Working with referrals from Benevia is a pleasure. They handle the details so I can focus on the sale.” – Realtor
  • "I truly love working with Benevia. Thanks for the referrals - I really appreciate it. You help me, I help's a really good thing!" – Custom Closets