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Walter's Story

Walter, 82, contacted Benevia in mid-July 2008 as he was preparing to relocate from his 2-story, 3 bedroom home to a single-story home in another city. Without family living in the area to assist him, he needed our help in making this move. His Benevia Transition Coordinator began by arranging a consultation with a Senior Move Management company. Once he made the decision to use their services, his Move Manager began the process of sorting, downsizing and packing his belongings. Meanwhile, his Benevia Transition Coordinator scheduled a consultation with an eBay sales professional as he was interested in selling some items online.

The Transition Coordinator also coordinated a moving company, handyman, house-cleaning and landscaping services in preparation for the sale of Walter’s home. When the moving van arrived at Walter’s new home in mid-August 2008, another local Senior Move Management company helped him unpack boxes, hang pictures and get him settled in. All of the service providers that helped facilitate Walter’s move had been thoroughly screened to ensure quality service and a senior-friendly approach. While moving can be a huge and stressful undertaking, Walter summed up the experience by stating, “All in all it was a 100% service that turned a very hard job (for me) into an easy one. I most certainly recommend your service to all, and particularly to seniors, who are planning a move.”

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