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Senior Transition Coordination

A Unique, Holistic, and Compassionate Approach

The process of navigating services related to a transition for yourself or an aging family member can be daunting.  Although there are a wide array of service providers (movers, home care, home modifiers, etc.) available to assist with specific needs, identifying quality providers and coordinating the delivery of multiple services can be both challenging and time-consuming.

Benevia simplifies this process for our clients and their families by creating a master transition plan and then introducing and coordinating service providers that have already passed a rigorous screening process.

What Does It Cost

We charge a flat service fee of $120 per year for coordinating as many services a client and their family require during that period.  We are able to offer this modest fee, regardless of the coordination time required, because the screened service providers in our network also pay for a portion of our service.