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Senior Transition Examples

Marilyn's Story

Marilyn, like many other baby boomers with aging parents, was struggling to find a way to honor her 92 year old mother's wish to remain in her own home despite her declining health.  Between a family of her own and a full time job, Marilyn could not find enough hours in the day.  Read More...

Walter's Story

With his adult children living several states away, Walter needed some assistance to move from his long time home.  His son made arrangements to visit for several days but there was still a large number of things that needed to get done.  Read More...

Julie's Story

As an only child and the executrix of her parent's estate, Julie assumed full responsibility for the estate when her father passed unexpectedly.  Julie's full time job was very demanding and she realized that she could not manage the process of liquidating the estate without some help.  Read More...

Eloise's Story

Like most people, Eloise was not fully prepared for all the details associated with a significant change in her husband's health.  In addition to addressing legal matters, Eloise had to make a long list of arrangements related to her husband's care and the accessibility of their home.  Read More...