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The process of selling a client's home usually involves much more than signing a listing agreement. Our experience is that the most successful agents take it upon themselves to solve a wide range of issues - especially when their client has been in their home for 20, 30, or even 50 years!  While these solutions are often a critical ingredient to a successful home sale, the time and effort required to provide these solutions may be better spent on marketing the home and other sales related activities.

With a simple call to Benevia, a professional Transition Coordinator can provide turnkey solutions for you and your client - coordinating everything from moving and storage, basic decluttering, home repairs, selling household furnishings, and trash removal.  With our wide range of trusted, pre-screened partners, Benevia offers full-service support for every unique need.  Contact us today to see how Benevia can assist your clients and help expedite your home sale efforts!  You may also consider ordering Benevia Gift Certificates for your clients.