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Each year, millions of Americans have to face daunting decisions associated with eldercare and senior life transitions.  These decisions may involve moving to a senior community, making arrangements to stay at home with care, or handling estate-related matters.  Regardless of the situation, these transitions are tough and time consuming for everyone involved.

Our solutions deliver tremendous value based on the high level of personal service we provide to our clients.  This level of service paves the way for great client experiences and strong working relationships with members of the
Benevia Provider Network.

Benevia helps older adults, their families, and caregivers navigate the challenges surrounding Moving and Home Services (moving, real estate, home repair), Home Care Needs (home modification, in-home care, placement company), and other Professional Services (legal, financial, and estate).

Benevia's highly trained Transition Coordinators work directly with clients to identify their needs and connect them with screened service providers in the Benevia Provider Network.  This program allows families to have a single point of contact that helps guide them through the process - reducing anxiety, saving time, and staying involved to ensure that each step goes as smoothly as possible.