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Press Kit and Factsheet

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Benevia manages and coordinates the complex life transitions faced by older adults and their families. Benevia eases the emotionally taxing and overwhelming nature of such transitions by serving as a single, trusted coordinator. Through this process, the company also provides high value consumer referrals to service providers ranging from realtors and movers to home care agencies and placement services.

Senior Transition Coordination

Benevia focuses on the complete transition and the service categories we recommend and coordinate include Moving & Home Services (moving, real estate, trash hauling, etc.), Home Care Needs (home care, placement service, geriatric care management), and Professional Needs (legal, financial, estate planning). Benevia has developed a network of service providers that have been through a comprehensive screening process – ensuring that they meet high quality standards and are equipped to serve the unique needs of older adults.

The process begins with a phone consultation with a professional Transition Coordinator. The Transition Coordinator asks a series of questions to determine the full scope of needs, develops a master transition plan customized to address these needs, and then coordinates required services with our network of screened service providers. We stay involved throughout the process - scheduling meetings between our clients and service providers, confirming appointments, and conducting follow-up calls to make sure that service performed was satisfactory and all needs have been met.

We charge a flat service fee of $120 per year for coordinating as many services a client and their family require during that period. We are able to offer this modest fee, regardless of the coordination time required, because the screened service providers in our network also pay for a portion of our service.  Benevia offers customized programs to a growing portfolio of organizations seeking to offer their members, employees, and/or clients access to Benevia's services without an individual charge.

A Timely and Needed Solution

The Benevia business model offers a remarkable solution for older adults and their families facing a complex transition, retirement communities striving to build occupancy, service providers attempting to address the growing elderly demographic, and companies trying to support employees dealing with eldercare issues. Later life transitions are a large and growing phenomenon in dire need of assistance as indicated by the following trends:

“…a demographic earthquake. The 63 million Americans age 55 and older now will grow to 100 million in just seven years,” Wall Street Journal (September 2006)

“The American Senior Housing Association (ASHA) said that on a national basis, one million move into senior housing annually.”

“Eldercare has begun to rival child care as a workplace issue and companies have started to realize that such support props up not just workers but the bottom line. One in six American workers care for an older relative, according to the National Alliance for Caregiving” as reported in The Dallas Morning News (August 2006).

70% of employers report increases in caregiving-related staffing problems in the past 10 years, Families and Work Institute.

40% of employers say they have no plan in place to assist caregivers, Families and Work Institute.

“Smaller families flung over long distances are making it harder to care for ill and aging relatives these days, Wall Street Journal (July 2006)

More than 7 million Americans manage care for a relative who lives at least one hour away and during the next 15 years, the number of long-distance caregivers will more than double. (NCOA)


Larry Nelsen, President, also owns Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage and PortaBox. Larry brings over 35 years of experience in the moving and storage industry and often says that becoming Benevia’s preferred mover and eventual owner was inevitable!

Eric Rovner, Co-Founder, has more than 15 years in the retirement living industry serving older adults and their families. Eric's passion for transforming the way older adults and their families navigate transitions has shaped the Benevia service model. Eric holds responsibility for the strategic direction of the company, leading new business development activities, developing and managing the marketing function, and ensuring service quality.

Company History

Benevia was founded in 2003 with a commitment to transforming the way older adults and their families navigate later life transitions. Through both personal and professional experiences, Benevia's co-founders (Paul Goldberg, Michael Nemirow, and Eric Rovner) identified that while there were numerous services to assist families with a specific healthcare or housing need, most families had multiple service needs. With this in mind, Benevia was formed to provide a holistic and personalized approach to the transition process. The Benevia team has successfully simplified transitions for hundreds of clients who appreciate the unique blend of expertise, genuine caring, and respect we dedicate to each and every transition.

In 2008, Benevia was acquired by Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage, one of the oldest and most highly respected service providers in the Greater Seattle area. Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage was founded in 1890 and has been owned and operated by the same family for four generations. After 118 years, Hansen Bros. Moving and Storage remains committed to the original mission: “To be the most trusted provider of moving and storage services whether down the street, across the country, or around the world.” For more information about Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage and the related portfolio of companies, please visit