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Marilyn's Story

Marilyn contacted Benevia after learning about our services during an Employee Benefit presentation at her place of work. She had been driving across the state each Friday for several months to check on her mother, Anita, who is 92 years old and determined to stay in her own home. It was becoming increasingly stressful for Marilyn to balance the demands of her job as the manager of a performing arts theatre and growing concern about Anita’s well-being. In order to assist Marilyn, a Benevia Transition Coordinator scheduled an initial assessment with a pre-screened home care agency in her mom’s local area to take place during Marilyn’s next visit. Arranging daily home care services ensured that a licensed caregiver would monitor Anita’s medications, provide transportation to and from medical appointments, prepare healthy meals and keep her home clean and tidy.

For peace of mind during the evening and overnight, Marilyn’s Transition Coordinator also referred her to a company that provides home safety monitoring, which would track Anita’s movements and alert Marilyn if there was an unusual change in her activity patterns. Since Marilyn anticipated that her mom would eventually need to move into an assisted living community, her Transition Coordinator also referred her to an eldercare advisor, who would begin identifying communities in Anita’s local area that would meet her clinical and financial needs in the future. Benevia’s coordination of these services provided Marilyn with peace of mind in knowing her mom’s needs were being met and allowed her to dedicate more time to the job she enjoys!

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