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Healthcare Partners

Beyond Healthcare Needs
Families you serve count on you as a trusted resource for many of their most important and personal matters. In many cases, healthcare needs are accompanied by a variety of service needs that are non-medical in nature.  For example, when a client is discharged to their home from a hospital or rehabilitation facility, they may need homecare or home health services to assist with medical needs and/or activities of daily living.  At the same time, they may require legal and financial counsel, modifications to their living environment, services related to the upkeep of their home, or multiple other services that allow them to age in place safely and comfortably.  While there are numerous services available to assist your clients with a specific need, most families have multiple service needs. Benevia offers a holistic and personalized approach to addressing all of your clients' needs.

Benevia utilizes a wide network of trusted service providers to achieve successful transitions.  Our professional Transition Coordinators serve as a central point of coordination, allowing your clients to find help both in the services your organization provides and those available from external service providers.  Contact us today to learn how a partnership with Benevia can benefit your patients.