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What does the name “Benevia” mean?
Benevia comes from the Latin roots Bene Via meaning “good path” or “good way”. Our service makes transitions much easier for all involved and our satisfied clients often say that we provided a good path for their transition.

What does Benevia's service cost?
We charge a flat service fee of only $120 per year for coordinating as many services a client and their family require during that period. We are able to offer this modest fee, regardless of the coordination time required, because the screened service providers in our network also pay for a portion of our service. Benevia offers customized programs to a growing portfolio of organizations seeking to offer their members, employees, and/or clients access to Benevia's services without an individual charge.

Does Benevia serve out of state clients?
Benevia's primary service area extends throughout the greater Puget Sound region.  However, we regularly coordinate moving and move management services to clients who are moving in or out of the state of Washington thanks to our relationships with Allied Van Lines and the National Association of Move Managers.  In some cases we are able to coordinate additional out of state service needs so please call us at (206) 257-4314 to discuss a particular transition need. 

Does Benevia only serve seniors?
Benevia was originally founded to serve the transition needs of older adults as this segment of the population typically has the greatest need for transition related support and the least number of appropriate solutions.  In fact, Benevia has successfully served many non-seniors since our founding and we welcome the opportunity to serve anyone regardless of their age.

Does Benevia only help those who are moving?
We coordinate transitions that involve any change in lifestyle or living environment.  Benevia's services are equally helpful to clients who are moving and clients who are aging in place (remaining in their own home with services and modifications that ensure safety, security, and convenience).

How does Benevia achieve positive outcomes?
Based on our extensive provider screening process, commitment to customer service, and experience, Benevia is able to provide clients and their families with high quality service and peace of mind.

How does Benevia choose service providers?
Our #1 goal is partnering with providers we believe offer the best service to our clients. To this end, we screen based on a willingness to adhere to a set of high quality operating principles and a commitment to work closely with us and our clients. All providers must participate in a screening process that includes extensive reference checks and confirmation of insurance, licensing, bonding, and others.

What happens if something goes wrong?
Even with the best preparation and intent, something in the transition process can go awry. This is actually when Benevia can help most! Members of the Benevia Provider Network highly value the referrals Benevia provides and will work hard to rectify any problems.

Who do I pay when we have services performed?
Benevia introduces and coordinates screened providers, but contracts for individual services are exclusively between the service provider and the client. As such, the client pays the service provider directly for the work they perform.