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Eloise's Story

Eloise contacted Benevia after picking up our brochure in the waiting room of a hospital, where her husband, Al, was undergoing emergency surgery. They hadn’t prepared for this type of situation and Eloise was very concerned about preparing legal documents for the future. Her Benevia Transition Coordinator arranged for an elder law attorney to contact Eloise immediately and the attorney promptly took care of the couple’s legal affairs. Feeling relieved, Eloise then shared with her Transition Coordinator that they have lived in their home for 50 years and look forward to spending several more years in the comfort of familiar surroundings. However, in order for Al to return home after completing several weeks of rehabilitation, some modifications would need to be made.

As their bedroom is on the second floor of their home, Eloise needed to make arrangements for delivery of a hospital bed to temporarily set up in their living room. Her Benevia Transition Coordinator requested that a representative from a reputable durable medical equipment company contact Eloise to discuss options available and a tentative delivery date. Since Al’s care team expected that he would need to use a wheelchair for a while, Eloise also asked her Transition Coordinator for recommendations of a contractor that could build an exterior ramp to their front door. The same contractor would also modify the doorway to the main floor bathroom and convert their bathtub into a shower that Al could easily access with his wheelchair. As Al’s discharge date approached and the home modifications were complete, Eloise’s Transition Coordinator arranged for a home cleaning company to provide a deep cleaning, eliminating the construction dust and lifting Eloise’s spirits as she prepared for Al’s long-awaited homecoming. She was so pleased with the results that Eloise decided to schedule regular cleaning appointments, which allowed her more time to spend with her husband.

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