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We Understand

Whether a transition involves making a move, staying home with services, or addressing eldercare concerns, we understand that the process can be overwhelming for you and your family. The best way to ensure successful outcomes is to start with a comprehensive plan, use quality service providers, and receive support from a dedicated advocate along the way. 

A Travel Agent for the Transition Process

Benevia may be best described as a travel agent for the transitions surrounding the aging process. To expand on this analogy - we help to identify your transition related needs ("where and when you are traveling"), we create a master transition plan ("trip itinerary"), and we connect and coordinate screened service providers ("transportation", "accommodations", "services").

We schedule your meetings with providers, make confirmation calls, and follow-up to ensure that the services delivered meet your needs. In the event that a service does not meet your expectations, a dedicated Transition Coordinator will work to identify a successful resolution.

We charge a flat service fee of only $24.95 per year for coordinating as many services as you and your family require during that period. A growing number of retirement communities, realtors, employers, and membership organizations have special programs with Benevia to cover this service fee.  You may also consider purchasing a Benevia Gift Certificate to share this valuable service with a friend or family member.