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Following are some articles on topics that may be of interest to you and your family.  Please check back as new articles will be added on a regular basis.

Making the Right Decisions in a Time of Economic Uncertainty:  Advice on Whether to Stay at Home or Embrace Retirement Living

As our country remains gripped by the daily headlines of financial gloom, seniors are faced with increasingly difficult decisions about where to call ‘home’. In the recent past, the most commonly heard objection in the retirement living industry was “I’m not ready yet.” The choice to remain at home primarily based on a desire to preserve one’s independence, remain close to friends and neighbors, and maintain daily routines.  Read more...

Tips for Designing Livable Spaces with Aging Americans In-Mind

The fastest growing segment of the U.S. population is age 65 and older, which numbered 37.3 million or one in every eight Americans in 2006; and is expected to reach 71.5 million or 20 percent of the population by 2030 (Association on Aging, Jan. 2008). The boomer population’s longevity, buying power and preference to age-in-place at home are creating a growing demand for living spaces that support the aging process.  Along with the increased demand comes a need to consider designing and building to serve aging Americans. Read more...